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What Can Affect The Value Of Your Home?

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Obviously there are aspects of each property that can simply be categorized as good and bad. Things that make a home a desirable property make it attractive and raise its value or ones that should make you stop, take pause and move on to the next prospect.

Here is a list of watch points that can help you decide if the pros out weigh the cons, or not.


  1. When an appraiser Goes to Check on a Property and Reach a Determination of Its Value One of the Most Important Rooms on His List Is yhe Kitchen. The kitchen can become the focal point of the house. If the property's kitchen has very good cabinetry, new appliances and a sensible work space it is considered to be something that enhances the overall value of the house. If any aspect of the kitchen is in disrepair it will only cost you more after purchase to rehabilitate the space and make it workable. Another aspect that makes a kitchen attractive asset to homes is: open plan. Good positioning of the lighting and windows and abundant storage space. Families spend a large percentage of their time in the kitchen and if it is a good one it will only increase the overall value of the property when you go to resell it.

  2. Spacious, Well-appointed Bathrooms, Like Kitchens, Are a Must For Good Value These Days. They must be conveniently located through out the floor plan and in good repair. Similar to a kitchen bathroom upgrades can be expensive, time consuming and upset the inhabitants daily life. The amenities provided in a good master bathroom, which is by far the most important of them all, are: double sinks, a large shower and a separate bath that includes whirlpool jets. If the bath area is spacious and the toilet is also situated in its own area, for privacy, you have the beginning of a sure winner. All of this may look good on first inspection but a bathroom requires closer scrutiny. Be sure to inquire, and get confirmation, on the age and size of the pipes and water heater. If the bathroom itself has only received a cosmetic make over and the pipes are still 25 to 30 years old or if the water heater is an older, inefficient model and not over 100 to 125 gallons, they will not be able to provide the pressure, volume and temperatures that will make the amenities worth having. Further, just like the kitchen, a bathroom renovation is not something to look forward to, it should already have been done and done right. Appraisers will also give good points for a well-built bath.

  3. The Master Bedroom Is as Important as the Master Bath. Spaciousness is a must; separate areas for a vanity and dressing area and large closets should be first on the checklist. Good lighting in all areas and a control center near the bed will also be taken into account. Check to see if the master suite has access to a balcony or deck and how good of a view there is.

  4. Building Materials and Surfaces Have Become More Important in This Day and Age Then They Were in the Past. Good, solid, natural materials have come back into vogue and will substantially add to the allure and resale values of any home. Gone are the days of linoleum, aluminum siding and exposed grid acoustic ceilings. Hardwoods, ceramic tiles and durable carpets in excellent repair should be on your checklist. Not only are these items attractive but long lasting and sturdy, eliminating the need for periodic repair or maintenance

  5. Like People, Homes Can Make a Lasting First Impression. Love at first sight is not just a recurring theme in romantic movies; it can pertain to a home as well. If the house presents a very good first impression it can boost the appraised value as much as 10%.

  6. How Much Actual Space There Is and Not Feeling Confined Is the Feeling That People Want From There Home. The more natural light there is and the appropriate positioning and style of electric light will make a house more welcoming and habitable.

  7. Hand in Hand With Spaciousness Is the Size, Style and Positioning of the Windows. Are the frames solid and in good shape? Is there double or triple glazing to keep out the heat in summer and efficiently maintain warmth in the cold winter months? Environmental concerns are at the top of the list of priorities as they are directly related to monthly utility costs as well.

  8. A Good-sized Yard That Allows for the Home to Be Setback From the Adjoining Property Line Is a Great Plus. Are there sufficient shade tress and decorative plants? Is the lawn in good repair and or will you need to have a landscape architect's services?

  9. Well-maintained Drives and Walkways Are Also Nice and the Larger the Property the More This Will Come Into Play If They Are in Need of an Upgrade.

  10. If the Home Has a Basement That Can Afford Extra Living Space, an Office or Play Area and Abundant Storage these things can also enhance the value of the home. Be sure the basement is not damp or prone to flooding. If the heating and air-conditioning equipment are situated in this space be sure they are well ventilated and easily accessible for maintenance purposes.
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