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How Rates Are Linked To Credit History

Good Credit and Lower Interest Rates Are Synonymous

A lender will be assessing the levels of probability that gauge whether or not you are likely to default or go the full term. All of the factors that we have already covered are used in that process. If you do default it is at great expense and creates many problems for the lender. He needs to be most assuredly confident that you will honor the terms of the agreement.

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What Is High Risk and What Is Low Risk?

  • Low Credit Risk
    If you are someone with a good credit history, a good and steady income and a presently low level of commitments, you will be viewed in a better light than others. You may even be offered a preferred rate of interest

  • High Credit Risk
    However, if you have changed jobs frequently or recently or you've had radical shifts in your income level, been tardy or remiss in making payments to creditors in the past, or are already greatly extended financially, you will be considered a high-risk candidate by the lender. If these are issues germane to your case you will be required to pay higher rates and come up with a larger down payment to off set those factors.

    You can rebuild your credit though with a good financial plan and by allowing the process to work for you, as slow and frustrating as that process may be.

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