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The own personal economies and our financial health are based on credit and the ability to either get it or not. From a monthly revolving charge card at the local mall, to a full blown mortgage on a home, credit and credit scores are the determining factors for all consumers. We are all held hostage to our own past history of borrowing and repayment.

There are three credit bureaus in America today, Equifax, TransUnion and Experian. Every time a consumer applies for credit, or makes a payment on an existing loan, these three bureaus keep track of it all. By tying an individual to their Social Security number, their present and past employers and where they have resided, these companies can track anyone, anywhere, in the United States. Good or bad, whatever the transaction may be, it will show up on a credit report and be calculated into their credit score each and every time a person asks for a new line of credit.

As already stated, the three credit bureaus in America collect any and all information that pertains to a person's credit history and health. How and when they pay, if they have ever defaulted on or disputed payments and even if their credit cards have been stolen or lost are all on the record, automatically. They then take this information, and using a specific formula, these bureaus will then arrive at a credit score.

The six main elements that are affecting a credit score are:

  • Is there a poor history of payment?

  • Being near the maximum level on current credit accounts?

  • Is there a short or non-existent credit history?

  • Has a person been seeking financing in too many places?

  • The number of credit card accounts?

  • Is there too much credit already being extended?

They will also be examining the following:

  • Level of income

  • Assets

  • How much liability a person has

  • Additional Information About Finances Will Also Be Scrutinized. Being involved in any type of dispute, litigation, collection activity, payments relative to a divorce settlement or simply having cosigned along with someone else for a loan, are all factors that will be examined closely and affect a borrowers ability to get the financing that they seek.

After all of these factors are examined a final score is determined. One number will be arrived at that will set the tone for a person's borrowing and credit for years to come. A score over 650 is good when someone is seeking basic credit on cards or possibly automobiles, but when it comes to being accepted for a mortgage on property, it needs to be a bit higher. A score of 720 will help in being offered good interest rates on a mortgage but if that score dips down to a level between the 680 to 720 marks, consumers need to be aware they will pay more in interest as a direct result. If a person has not maintained a good rating and their credit scores stand at the 620 point or lower they should expect to be turned down for any conventional credit they are seeking.

Before anyone attempts to secure a loan they need to find out what their credit score is and whether or not there are any errors present that are averse to their having a good score. By contacting FairIsaac, FICO, prospective borrowers can find out what their current score is. By logging onto the Internet at, this information is readily available.

Since the advent of the Internet, electronic banking and online bill payment, identity protection has become a very important concern in our daily lives, too. By stealing someone's identity anyone who wishes to commit fraud and theft of goods or services can do so in another's name. Most often people do not know that their identity has been hijacked until it is too late and the bill collectors are knocking on the door or they are applying for additional credit. Until a person can prove otherwise, this type of fraudulent activity will affect their credit and the subsequent score that it will produce.

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