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What Financing Options Should I Consider to Accomplish a Remodeling Job?

Remodeling or building an addition onto your home is not an issue to be taken too casually. Not only will you need to carefully plan the work by deciding what you want, getting the proper permits and permissions, finding a reputable contractor and drawing up a work schedule, you will ALSO need to plan the financing of it as well. Three good points to start with are these:

  1. How long will it take to complete the planned work?

  2. What is all of the work going to actually cost?

  3. Will I need money for any other subsequent items, besides the constructing work itself?
The financial options for borrowing are many, need to be discussed and planned well in advance and they must suit your situation. If you only need a few hundred dollars it is considered prudent to simply use your credit cards, if you can. It may cost a bit more in interest than a loan, but you will avoid the additional costs associated with taking out a loan or placing a second lien on your property. Only you can decide what is best for you. Here is a list of the loan options that are available:
  • Home-improvement Loans

  • Borrowing On Your 401(k)

  • Borrowing From Your Portfolio

  • A Life Insurance Loan

  • Title 1 Loan

  • Contractor Loans

  • Home Equity Loans

  • Home Equity Line Of Credit - HELOC

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