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Mortgage Learning Center

I. Choosing the Right Home Loan
In this section we cover in detail the aspects of the different types of loans available to home buyers and owners. We help you determine which iis the best type of loan for your particular situation. Know what your options are so you can make an educated decision.

II. Applying for a Home Loan
Here we cover all of the aspects of applying for a mortgage. Everything from the loan application process, qualification process, factors affecting loan approval and how to get your money quick, are all covered in this section. In addition, there is a loan application checklist.

III. Credit Matters
In this section we discuss the importance of good credit and how it affects your home loan approval. Learn what credit scores are, how your mortgage interest rate is linked to your credit history and even how to improve your credit. Having the best credit possible insures that you will be given the best rate for your particular mortgage loan.

IV. Closing Costs A-Z Guide
Here we explain what closing costs are, along with the factors that determine closing and what they are comprised of.

V. Interest Rates
In this section we explain why and how mortgage interest rates change along with the factors that your interest rate. In addition, we show you how to get the best rate and lock that rate in.

VI. Home Owner's Insurance A-Z Guide
Here we cover all of the aspects of home owner's insurance and title insurance. In addition, there are many tips on how to save money on your home owner's insurance policy.

VII. Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)
In this section we explain to you exactle what PMI is and why you may require it for your mortgage. In addition, we show you how you can get rid of PMI, thereby saving you money on your monthly mortgage payments.

VIII. Refinancing Explored
Here we show you if now is the time for you to refinance your home loan and if its the best deal for your current mortgage situtation. In addition, we explain all of the costs associated with refinancing your home home.

IX. Home Equity Loans Explored
In this section we help you to understand what exactly home equity loans are and the different types of home quity loans. In addtion, we help you to determine how much you can borrow and which home equity loan is the best for you. Also learn the advantages and disadvantages of home equity loans. An extensive FAQ section is also contained in this section that answers the most common home equity loan questions.

X. Refinance to Consolidate Debt Explored
Here we show you how to tap into your home's equity and use that available cash to consolidate your high interest debts. You can save hundreds if not thousands a month by consolidating your high interest consumer debts, such as credit cards and personal loans, into your mortgage loan payment. Here we show you how to do just that!

XI. Home Improvement Loans Explored
Interested in making improvements on your existing home? In this section we go over the basics of home improvement loans and walk you through the process of financing your home remodeling project. In addition, we help you determine which is better for you, taking on the expense of remodelling your home or just selling.

XII. First Time Mortgagers
If you are first time buyer there is a lot of information in this section to assist you on buying your new home. We help you determine just exactly how much home price you can afford, which mortgage type is the best for you, how to qualifying for a home loan and explain the entire home buying process. In addition, we discuss the tax advantages of home ownership and go over the top buying mistakes incurred when purchasing a new home. There are also essential tips to help you when buying your home and tips on how to land a house when the prices in your housing market continue to rise.

XIII. Buying a New Home & New Home Construction Loans A-Z Guide
In this section we discuss buying a new home and new home construction loans, and also provide you with tips on how to find a good realtor. Having a good real estate agent is just as important as shopping for the property itself. We also go over how much home you can afford so you focus your time looking at home projects that are within your budget. In addition, we discuss the process of relocating, the before and the after. There is an informative A-Z guide on new construction home loans.

XIV. Apprasials
Here we explain the what appraisals are, when to order an appraisal and how to prepare for one. In addition, we explain the methods used when your home is appraised and the accuracy of those methods. There is also a glossary of appraisal terms and information regarding appraiser ethics.

XV. Mortgage Advice & Tips
In this section we provide you with countless mortgage advice and tips. We cover topics such as should you go with a 30 year or 15 year mortgage, the top mortgage do's and don'ts, bi-weekly payments and much more.

XVI. Commercial Real Estate Loans
Here we cover all aspects of commercial loans such as the different types of commercial properties and what it takes to fund each type. In addition, we explain commercial property loan financing options and underwriting guidelines. There is also a commercial loan checklist to help you prepare for when applying for a commercial real estate loan.

XVII. Glossary of Mortgage Terms
Our dictionary covering the complex terms related to mortgages and real estate financing.

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