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Mortgage Advice And Tips


30 Years vs 15 Years

The term of your amortization is as important to you as anything else that affects loans. Know the differences between 30 and 15-year mortgages and the up and down sides of each plan.

Asking Questions About Your Loan
Making application for a loan is one of the most serious business transactions you will enter into in your lifetime. It's your money and your investment at stake. If you are confused, sense that something is not right or you are being mislead or feel that you are simply not being offered the best deal that you could get, start asking questions. It is not impolite, it's prudent!

Bi-weekly Payments
One of the simplest ways to save on a mortgage, and pay it off faster, is bi-weekly payments. That one extra payment a year, when applied towards the principal amount owed, can cut years off of a 30-year mortgage plan and save you thousands of dollars at the same time.

Tips On Saving Money On Your Mortgage
Bi-weekly payments is not the only way to save on a mortgage. Learn other pointers, and how you can implement them to your own benefit, save both time and money, build equity faster, and upgrade if you so choose.

Top Don'ts for Getting a Good Mortgage
In some cases knowing what not to do is more beneficial than knowing just what to do. Things to stay clear of and protect your hard earned housing dollars.

Top Do's for Getting a Good Mortgage
Sure-fire ways to mortgage success used to be a big secret but now it is just a matter of research, study and action on your part. Here are some proven ways that you can assure yourself success.

What Are Lenders Looking for In Approving A Mortgage?
How to "buff up" your credit, accentuate the positive, and present your information in a positive and effective manner that compels a lender to make you a great deal.

How to Utilize Your Home to Generate Mortgage Payments
There are many ways to earn income from your home, and in this section we show some of the many different ways.

Managing Your Mortgage the Right Way
Effective management of your mortgage can help you save money in the long-term. We show you how to correctly time your mortgage refinancing to avoid costly adjustable rate (ARM) mistakes. We also discuss when best is time to prepay your home loan's principle, to make the most impact on your mortgage payoff plan.

Giving a Down Payment as a Gift
In this guide, we discuss how to give a monetary gift in the form of a mortgage down payment to your children and how to receive the maximum tax incentives.

Rescuing Your Mortgage from Failure
Learn how to save your home from foreclosure or being foreclosed on. We also show you the preventative ways to stay clear of foreclosure and how to seek help from the FHA.


The Benefits of Paying Off Your Mortgage Early
We show you the many benefits of paying off your home loan early and discuss some of the different ways to pay off your mortgage to make the biggest impact such as annual lump sum and bi-weekly payments.

Mortgage Loan Modification Primer
In this guide, we go over the ins-and-outs of mortgage loan modification, including who is eligible, how it can help your situation, how to apply for one and the different loan modification options.

Your Mortgage is Paid Off: What to Do now?
We discuss in detail the steps that need to be taken after a mortgage is paid off, in order to avoid any common or unexpected issues that may arise.

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