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With so many homeowners feeling the pinch the last few years because of unemployment, cut-backs in salaries and inflation it is no wonder that many are looking for ways to augment their income in order to keep current with bills and maintain their lifestyle. Many are now in distress and in danger of default and they are doing whatever they can to earn enough money to keep their heads above water and not lose their property and assets

Below are a few ideas that people can consider to help make a little bit extra every month to help with their mortgage.

  1. Rent Out a Room or Two for Living or for an Office

    It may seem to be a drastic measure but renting space in your home can bring in money that can then be used to help pay your mortgage and other ongoing expenses. If you think you can tolerate the intrusion, and the local by-laws and ordnances allow for you to rent, it may be worth investigating what it would cost for your home to comply and for you to take in a tenant.

    Possibly you have enough space that you could partition off an area, or maybe you have a finished room above your garage or an area in the basement that someone would like to use for an office, whatever the case may be just make sure you are prepared to share your home with others before you take them in.

  2. Do You Have Available Storage Space?

    Do you have extra unoccupied or used space that could be used to store household items, a car or maybe a boat? If so many people are always looking for a place to store things safely. Garages, attics, tool and mower sheds, a basement, and even the back yard are all places that can be used for storage. Before you start advertising to do this make certain that your insurance company has explained your liability in regard to other people’s belongings. Possibly you will need to amend you policy with a rider that covers other people’s belongings and you just might have to tell them exactly what those items are.

  3. Utilize Your Kitchen to Make Extra Money

    Some homeowners have taken to using their skill in the kitchen to make a bit more money for expenses. If you have a particular skill, possibly baking or canning, you should consider putting it to work for you.

    The first thing you will need to do is find out if the by-laws of your town allow you to produce food for sale in your home and if the health department requires an inspection certificate of approval. If so then possibly you can take orders for baked goods, ready-made meals or even cater dinner parties for a fee in your home. If there is a farmer’s or weekend market in the area possibly you can get a table or booth like many folks do and sell homemade foods that you cooked in your kitchen.

  4. Create a Plant Nursery

    If your yard is big enough and you have a green thumb consider starting a nursery or planting a flower or vegetable garden for profit. In most towns many people frequent yard-sales, church or association sales and other community events that people enjoy attending. If you can come up with a fresh idea, or sell something that is not easily available in your neighborhood, you should be able to generate a bit of extra money with a moderate amount of effort. Whatever you may choose to do, first check local ordinances to make sure that you do not have to first purchase a business license in order to have recurring sales.

  5. Rent Your Yard Space for a Community Garden

    Possibly you have the yard space but you are not a gardener. If this is the case in many towns and urban environments where people live in condos and apartments you could sub-divide your available yard space into small plots and rent them to people who want to reap the benefits of a garden. Homeowners should consider that for the monthly fee they would expect to have unfettered access to their garden plot pretty much whenever they would choose. By signing up gardeners for the season you should be able to profit for a good portion of the year.

  6. A Tennis Courts Could Also Bring in Extra Income

    If you have a tennis court, and your insurance would allow it, consider renting out blocks of time to locals. Racket and sports clubs can be expensive to join and those who want to play are always looking for a less expensive alternative.

In Conclusion

Until you become creative and start to utilize your home and property to earn for you will never know what is possible. During these times of difficult economy and shortfalls of income people across the country are doing whatever it takes to keep their property, using the property to help with that only makes sense and it doesn’t have to be forever.

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