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Buying a Home A-Z Guide: Selecting a Realtor, Finding a Home, the Buying Process, Closing Process

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Selecting a Realtor

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Buying a house is most always the largest purchase and biggest investment that most families will make in their lifetime, selecting the realtor who is most suited to that task and can work well with them is as important as the investment itself. The breadth of knowledge required concerning homes, properties and locations is just the start and does not stop up until the final signing at the closing. Here are some pointers that should help prospective home buyers choose the best realtor suited to their character and needs.

Most importantly, do you get along well with the realtor of choice, and is there some common ground?

As in any business relationship the personal interaction between the people involved will have a lot to do with the desired results of that association. Is the realtor you are auditioning someone who has listened intently to what you are saying? Have they tried to get to know you personally, and not only what type of home or location you are seeking? If a realtor is not listening, and only pitching a sale they may not be a good choice. You want to find someone who is tuned in and receptive to your style and desires and who responds with sensible recommendations.

How knowledgeable is this realtor in regard to the legal aspects of home buying and property investment?

With the markets and mortgage industry in such disarray for the last few years you will want a realtor who is up on all the current laws and regulations and who has weathered the storm because they are knowledgeable, savvy and honest. Your realtor should also have firsthand experience and a track record within the neighborhood and price range that you are looking to invest in. You will also do well by yourself to find a realtor who is either an attorney, or who has extensive legal understanding of the process. If not, does his agency have a dedicated legal team or an association with one that can work closely with you, explain the minutia of details, and do it all so that you gain confidence about any contracts and mortgages you are about to undertake?

Do you trust your realtor of choice?

In any business relationship trust is important and paramount to the success and benefit of all parties involved. If you ever feel that your realtor is not listening to you, has put aside your agenda for their own, and is pressuring you into a sale before you are prepared to go further or require more information and time, then you need to reconsider this relationship and possibly move on to another. Similar to a doctor’s opinion about your health, you may wish to seek a second opinion before you invest your savings on the recommendation of only one agent.

Are they expressing an honest opinion or simply telling you what you want to hear?

You may be tired of looking for your dream house and it may seem to you that you may not find what you want, but do not compound your anxiousness by letting your realtor tell you what you want to hear. Do not let them push you into a purchase by telling you that the neighborhood is better than it is, or the mortgage agreement is a good one, or that the value of your home will increase more than it actually could. Be realistic and make certain that the realtor is one who, when the need arises, tells you the one thing you may not want to hear, or that you are making a good choice when you are not.

Does your realtor fully understand the financing and the market forces that may be at work in regard to your chosen property?

The timing, pricing and financial issues that come into play can affect your investment and your realtor needs to be well versed in these aspects as well. Your realtor should fully understand your financial constraints, current and future, the real estate trends and the market in your chosen area. He should be able to secure you financing that will satisfy your current ability to pay now and well into the future. He must also be able to reasonably determine the future evaluation of your neighborhood and your property.

Is your realtor a resident in the same town or neighborhood?

If a realtor lives in the local that you have chosen for your future home you will be able to benefit greatly from his first hand knowledge of the area. He should be able to provide you invaluable information on the neighborhood, schools, infrastructure, access, public transportation, shopping, recreation facilities, and the health of the economy.

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