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Buying a New Home from a New Home Builder A-Z Guide

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The Pros and Cons of Building a New Home and How to Get It Right and Protect Yourself During the Process

The dream of owning your own home can be realized in many ways. You can buy a home or condo from another homeowner, the bank, or a builder/developer. This article is going to address the realities and process of buying a new home from a builder/developer. Buying a home that will be built to your specifications or a home that is already built and just put on the market require different criteria. If the home is already built you most likely not be able to choose as many features as when a home is built to spec for you. But you will still have to inspect the home and make certain it was constructed properly. Just because a home is new, and not previously owned, does not mean it will be sound or worth what the sellers are asking.

The most important aspect of purchasing a new home is who built it and did they do a proper job? It may be advertised as having the latest appliances, more space, energy efficient HVAC systems and all the bells and whistles you would expect of a newly built home, but does it? What materials were used? Who actually did the work? Are there hidden defects that you would not expect from a new home? All of these questions need to be asked. If you can ascertain that the builder is reputable and knows what he is doing, then and only then, start to decide if the design and features are the ones you seek because if all the elements were not put together properly, you will have problems in the future and your investment will have much less value.

Remember, this is not about what kind of new home you are investing in it’s who planned and built it.

What Are the Benefits to Buying a Newly Built Home?

The homes being built today are marvelous of not only design and functionality but they also incorporate the latest advances in eco-friendly construction, energy efficiency, and embrace the electronic age with their high-tech IT and media systems. They require less maintenance, and many are cheaper to run because of their solid energy-efficient construction.

Investing in a new home is a smart move if you know how to go about it, avoid the pit-falls associated with shoddy developers and builders and follow a few basic rules. Buying a home that is already built and buying a home that will be built to your specification are in some respects the same, and in others they are not. We will discuss both options so that you will be better prepared to understand the pros and cons of both scenarios.

First decide if you simply want a new home, or if you wish to have one built to your specifications. The primary advantage to buying a home that is already completed is that you know exactly what you are buying and you do not have to wait and endure the entire process of building one. If time is not a consideration, and you are able to participate while the home is being built, it can be a rewarding experience and yield a home that is as close to your ideal as you can afford.

  1. Regardless of whether the home is already built or will be built to your specifications the developer, builder and designer are primary aspects that you should investigate before you start choosing what design you want, and which features your home will incorporate. Make certain that these people have the expertise, practical hands-on experience and integrity to do the job correctly, and that they are as much concerned with the final product as you are.

    If the development is run by a homeowners' association, talk to the association members and the board of directors. If nothing has been built yet, try talking to people who have purchased homes in a recently finished development by the same developers and contractors.

    Local government and planning commission members can also offer opinions regarding local developers, just make sure they are not developers themselves, and ask your questions wisely. Ask whether any complaints have been filed against the developer or builder. If anyone has had a terrible experience with a developer or building contractor you might be able to find out the details of the incident and this can help you choose your builder more wisely.

    Finally, you can also contact real estate professionals in the area and they may have information on homes that have been bought and sold that your prospective developer was involved in and they may know their reputations. This will also help you to determine the quality of their homes when examined over a longer period of time.

  2. If you are purchasing a new home that is a part of a development or multi-unit project you will most likely not have a choice regarding the builder and the most of the sub-contractors who will be responsible for the construction. If you have purchased your land and are contracting to have a home built entirely to spec you should be able to hire the best builder you can afford. With a new home that is already built you will need to check on all the contractors involved in its construction and also have the structure and all of its systems inspected in the same manner you would for any home, old or new.

    Simply because a home is new does not mean it is built correctly or incorporates the materials and fixtures that are advertised, both what is visible and what is not. Wiring, plumbing and insulation, the HVAC systems and the appliances should all be inspected before you commit. Do not let something “shiny and new” get in the way of making an educated decision.  Knowing who built the home, and their reputation for good work and their integrity will go a long way to insuring you have made a good choice.

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