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How to Find a Good Real Estate Agent

When it comes to buying or selling a property, the real estate agent you select will have a significant bearing on the remainder of the process. Selecting who will be your agent is only one of the first steps, and if an appropriate candidate is found the rest of the process will be much easier and as worry free as possible. Look for recommendations and opinions from people you know and trust. In our experience, family members who have recently purchased property or friends and business associates are good places to start looking for possible referrals.

When You Are Compiling Your List of Potential Realtors Consider These Important Aspects:

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    Find someone local, or someone who has extensive knowledge of the real estate market in the neighborhood you wish to invest in. This person should be well versed in how to establish the Fair Market Value of properties. They must also be aware of all the different elements that are pertinent to your desired property type and the locale you are looking into. A good realtor must also be well versed in the type of property you seek. Many realtors specialize in commercial or industrial real estate and know very little about residential sales. Make sure your choice is someone who can target your criteria and deliver the same to consider.

  2. Realtors who employ advertising, both for their business and the properties they represent can also be good choices. More times than not, professionals who understand the marketing of their own businesses and their client's properties, are eager and industrious people. They are willing to invest in their own business and in the time it takes to help you acquire your home or property. These realtors also tend to be more committed and they will work harder for you and themselves. Try to avoid realtors who are in the business as a sideline or as a part-time occupation. Odds are they are not as savvy as full-time agents with experience, and they may not be available to work when needed. Further, whether they are a full time expert or a part-time novice, remember that they also represent the seller's interests as well, after all that is where their commissions come from. Most important of all, don't forget to discuss any and all fees.

  3. Good realtors should be members of local and regional real estate associations. Realtors who may be a franchise holder for a state or national real estate company should have more resources and access to more information than a smaller homegrown agent, but do not let that be your only guide either. Realtors who have grown up in a neighborhood or have lived and worked within an area for a long period of time, will have valuable knowledge and relationships that will help you to find what you are looking for and at a price that you can afford.

  4. Inquire of your prospective realtors about their past clients. Ask them for references that you can speak to and validate. Call or arrange to meet with these folks in order to get a brief opinion of the realtor in question. Inquire if they were satisfied with the results of their property search and the acquisition of their real estate. In addition, contact the local better business bureau or your state's Department of Consumer Protection, to check to see if there have ever been any complaints or judgements filed against any of your prospects.

Note: At here at Mortgage Loan Request we feel that well too often people are not as serious or diligent when picking a realtor, as they would be when picking a doctor or lawyer, a tutor for their children or any other type of professional. We recommend that you not sell this process short, and yourself in the process. Property investing is a serious affair and one that has a long timeline that must be able to weather the ravages of a fluctuating economy, interest rates and finicky property markets. For these and many more reasons, it is very important that you select a good realtor.
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