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Home Insurance Policies Are a Must

There are many types of homeowner’s insurance available these days, and they each deal with a different and crucial aspect of coverage. Some are a one off purchase, while others you will want to have in effect until you sell your investment. Some types of insurance are mandatory and others are elective. Whatever your case may be, you will need insurance coverage at closing time, and you must also be prepared to validate the issuance and value of the policies in question.

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Three of the most basic insurance policies available are for title, property, dwelling and possessions, and for natural disasters such as flooding and earthquakes. Like all aspects of homeownership and investing, do your research, educate yourself and shop around for the policies that best suit your specific needs.

Insuring the Title Is Mandatory.
Knowing that the title is free and clear of encumbrances is very important. No one wants to have their property taken away from them subsequent to the sale, due to it being discovered that they are not the only one who lays claim to by ownership or lien. Title insurance will indemnify the lender for the full value of the mortgage they have issued, while at the same time the buyer of the property will be covered for both the down payment, and the amount of the mortgage being issued.

Insuring a Home and Its Contents Is Also Paramount to Good Investing Practices.
Like any other high-ticket investment, a home needs to be insured. Protection against fire, burglary and liability, should any one be injured in or on the property insured, are all needed. Chances are, if you have a nice home, you also have nice things in it that need to be insured.

Natural Disaster Coverage Is Also Important.
Most basic homeowner’s policies will not cover a natural disaster such as a flood, hurricane or earthquake. Depending on the location of the property and contingent on inspections, flood insurance and other types of disaster insurance can be acquired. In some cases the Federal and State Governments will have policies for these available when needed.

If You Purchase a New Home, You Will Need to Protect Your Investment Against Defects That May Be Inherent In the Property or Home, But Not Easily Foreseen.
Seeking third party warranties for workmanship, defects and mechanical problems has become the norm. The workmanship needs to be covered for at least one year after closing, the mechanical aspects for no less than two years, and the structure itself should be insured for ten. In this way, you will have all of your bases covered in the event the contractor refuses to come back for repairs, goes out of business, moves away, or is unable to do the work in question.

As in all other aspects of the home buying and owning process, be thorough. Consider the consequences of not getting the best coverage available. Most important, be sure that everything is in writing and not simply discussed or implied.

Note: We encourage you to take a look at our Learning Center Articles about homeowner’s insurance. There you will find a wealth of in-depth information specific to each need and requirement.

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