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Real Estate Learning Center



The Home Buying Process
In this section we have numerous articles covering all aspects of purchaing a new home. We go over everything many topics such as determining if you are ready to purchase a new home, locating and chosing a realtor, getting pre-approval for a loan, searching for a home, selecting a home, making an offer to purchase and much more. This section is must reading for first time buyers or those looking to not mistakes on their next home purchase.

Buying a Home A-Z Guide: Selecting a Realtor, Finding a Home, the Buying Process, Closing Process
In this A-Z guide, we take you though the entire process of buying a home, from searching for a good realtor to the closing process.

Buying a New Home from a New Home Builder A-Z Guide
Want to buy a brand newly built home? Statics show that over 70% of home buyers are looking to buy a new home. In this section, we cover all of the aspects of buying a new construction home. Purchasing a home from a builder is a much different process when compared to buying an existing home. This section is a must read for those in the market for a new construction home.

Home Escrow - Be Careful Not to Lose Your Home Due to Escrow Mistakes
Learn the many benefits of using escrow, as well as any potential negatives, to help you avoid making any mistakes when purchasing a home.

What To Do With Sellers That Hide Defects
Home buyers need to be wary of the potential failure of a seller to disclose certain home defects, despite being compelled to do so by law. In this section, we inform you of what to look out for when purchasing a home and your legal rights when confronted with this situation.


Building a New Home A-Z Guide
In this six page comprehensive guide to building a brand new home, we cover all of the ins-and-outs of building your new dream home. From utlizing the services of an architect to hiring a builder, this A-Z guide covers it all thoroughly.

Building Big Cheap
Learn about how to utilize value engineering, to build inexpensive houses that appear to be very expensive and large, and that feature most of the extras and extravagances that large mansions, yet without the extraordinary high costs that building luxury mansions have.

Building Your Home the Green Way
In this section, we go over the many methods that you can employ to make your new home build a "Green Home." From utilizing solar power as your new home's power source, to the use of natural building materials that have a low impact on Mother Earth and your home's natural surroundings.

Building Your Dream Home Series:
In this comprehensive five part series, we show you the ins and outs and dos and don'ts of building your dream home. We cover everything from the architectural design all of the way to the final build and handover.

The Do's & Don't of Building Your Dream Home Part I
First in a series: Deciding on a design, getting it rendered and fixing a budget.

The Do's & Don't of Building Your Dream Home Part II
Second in a series: How to organize a project, understand subcontractors, develop a construction schedule and stay on track

The Do's & Don't of Building Your Dream Home Part III
Third in a series: Bricks and mortar, hammers and nails, getting your house built and on track

The Do's & Don't of Building Your Dream HomePart IV
Fourth in a series: Framing and sheathing, systems and drywall

The Do's & Don't of Building Your Dream Home Part V
The systems and finishings that Are the heart of a house

The Do's & Don't of Building Your Dream Home Part VI
We discuss the stresses that come with building a home and offer some solutions that offer relief.


The Home Selling Process
Here we cover all of the aspects of selling your home. We show you how to plan and prepare for selling, how to select a realtor to sell your home and how to set your selling price. In addition there are many other helpful articles that provide useful tips on such topics as how to make your home sell faster.

Selling a Home A-Z Guide: Listing Your Home, the Selling Process
In this A-Z guide we go over all of the aspects of selling a home, from getting your home listed and all of the way through the entire selling process.

For sale by Owner (FSBO) A-Z Guide to Selling Your Home Without a Realtor
In this comprehensive A-Z guide, we show you how to successfully sell your home without a realtor. Selling your home without a realtor can save you a considerable amount of money.

Avoiding Lawsuits in Selling Your Home
There are many potential legal pitfalls in selling your home, most of which can be avoided. In this guide, we explain some of the best ways to avoid costly law suits and real estate legal battles.

Terminating Real Estate Contracts When it is Permissible
Not every real estate deal is destined to go smoothly. In this guide, we discuss some of the different types of real estate contracts and explain several ways to terminate a contract if a deal goes sour.


Rent vs Buy
What are the distinct differences between renting and buying? Understand the different costs associated with each and decide if now is the time for you to enter the property market.

The Case for Buying a Home vs Paying Rent
Learn the many benefits buying and owning a home has over renting and how much of a home you can purchase for the same price that you pay for rent.

Bargaining Power: Who Has More, Buyers or Sellers?
In this section we discuss how to make the bargaining power in your favour, when buying a home.

Tax Advantages of Home Ownership
One plus to owning a home is the tax advantages. Understand how you can save through tax deductions in regard to your property.

Top Buying Tips
Specific ways to facilitate you'er buying a home. Learn what the experts already know.

Top Buying Mistakes
Find out what the pitfalls of property investment are and how to avoid them. Prevent financial disaster by learning from other people's mistakes.

Tips for Landing a House When Prices Continue to Rise
Supply and demand affect the housing industry just like any other. Being able to purchase property, without undue expense while the prices are rising, can be a tricky business. These tips can help.

Finding a Realtor
Shopping for, and finding, a good real estate agent is as important as shopping for the property itself. Learn what to look for in a realtor, how to interview them, and get the most for the commission they will command.

Relocating - Before and After
After you have found the property that best suits you, secured sufficient funding and know when you will be moving, you need to prepare for the move itself. Whether it is just across town, or across the country, moving can be costly, arduous and frustrating if you are ill prepared. Here is a list of things to check so that the transition is a smooth one for you and the entire family.


Investing in Foreclosures Can Be a Profitable Business
Some may think that investing in foreclosures would make you a devil, but for some you may become their guardian angel and rescue a failing mortage. It will all depend on the manner in which you conduct yourself and your business.

Is the Smart Money in Stocks or Real Estate
In this guide we discuss the many aspects, pros and cons of investing in stocks vs investments in real estate. Learn what the the real differences are between these two assets classes, the upsides and downsides of each and how to balance them.

Three Ways to Flip Real Estate and Profit
Learn about the three levels of property investment that often return substantial profits through property flipping.

How a Novice Can Succeed at Real Estate Investing by Avoiding the Common Pitfalls
Learn about what to look out for when investing in real estate for the first time, to avoid common costly mistakes.

Self Closing, Can Real Estate Investors Afford to Close Without Representation?
In this guide we discuss whether or not closing without a lawyer is feasible or not, through the use of different techniques of analyzing the real estate closing factors.

After the Verbal Negotiation the Written One Will Secure Your Investment
Learn how to make the transition from verbal to written property agreement and make sure the contact is in your favor when buying real estate.


How to Finesse Real Estate Agents When You Are an Investor and Not a Buyer
Many real estate agents turn away from investors and prefer buyers. Learn how to push the right buttons and obtain their cooperation.

Renting Your Property vs Selling: The Pros and Cons
Discover the many benefits of renting your property rather than selling, and also understand any disadvantages that come along with renting out properties.


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