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How a Novice Can Succeed at Real Estate Investing by Avoiding the Common Pitfalls

Knowing What to Look out for When Investing in Real Estate for the First Time

Everyone aspires to be a free-wheeling and savvy investor making huge profits these days, but many never succeed at realizing that dream by not being well enough prepared. Either they have never invested in anything before or they have tried their hand in the stock market, and now think that because everyone and their brother is seemingly profiting during this latest real estate boom, they will too. The fact is it takes hard work, knowledge, determination and staying power. Many assume that the recent escalation in property values, and historically low interest rates, that have produced quick profits for others will be an easy thing to replicate, this is the wrong approach.

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This flipping of real estate, for quick gain and profit, seems to have become the national sport. Experienced and knowledgeable investors will often come out on top, but for a first time investor or novice it is not so easy. Being able to take a few hits, and ride out any unexpected dips in the market place need to be options that any investor can go with. If an investor is under-funded and has a short-term attitude, coupled with a lust for short-term appreciation, they are in for a rough ride down a bumpy hill. Yes, short-term gains have been quite staggering in the last two years, but the risks involved are just as staggering.

Finding good priced properties and lenders offering agreeable rates is only a part of the property investment game. Having a solid reserve of cash and unlimited amounts of time, should the markets not fluctuate in an investors favor, are paramount to success. Having a strong knowledge base about the local market, lending practices, contract negotiations and interest rates will also help to offset the risks involved. If an investor applies a good solid strategy to a bargain investment property, and is willing and able to stay the course they should come out ahead. Property values do rise and fall, but being able to ride this curve into the future, and having an exit strategy for when the values are peaking again, can insure success and good profits. The stock market is not quite so kind. Having knowledge and skill cannot always protect an investor if the company they have chosen goes under; but if they have invested in a good piece of real estate, and they can manage to ride the tides to a crest, it will be there for them to cash-out on when the time arrives.

When an investor takes out a mortgage on an income producing property they also need some additional cash reserves, knowledge and skills. Being able to sustain the investment property when good tenants are not available, cash flow is negative and the maintenance and up keep is still required, is not an easy thing to achieve. Knowing that they can wait, hand pick their tenants, make all the necessary repairs and know how to navigate the legalities of being a landlord are keys to investment survival.

When an investor is first starting out they should keep their head out of the clouds and back down on earth relative to expected profits and gain. By not setting their sights to high, and slowly building their investments like any other business, a novice property investor will further increase their chances of succeeding.

Profits can surely be made by the novice or first time investor but a realistic approach is the most important ingredient they must have. Continually educating themselves, following all the market data and methodically and persistently looking for solid bargains is something else they will need to do. Knowing that property investment is not like day trading, and will take some time, will also contribute to success.

Anyone who is looking to invest is invited to use the invaluable resource tools, calculators and qualifying forms at

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